​​Have you ever wondered what happens when certain players play certain teams? Or when they play at different arenas?  How about the effect that Vegas lines have on your fantasy score?  We have spent the last year testing and developing our model and it is now ready to hit the market! We use statistics that most other DFS sites don't to provide our subscribers with a better and more understandable lineup predictions.  


Standard Membership-  Being former college students, we understand that sometimes money is tight.  Why pay upwards of $30 per month if you're only entering $.25 - $1.00 leagues?  Our standard membership costs $5.00 per month.  With this membership you will receive our daily podcasts, and lineups in your inbox by 2pm daily.  

Gold Membership-  For those who want to win big!  With this membership you will receive access to our state-of-the-art lineup optimizer, which updates daily from www.basketballreference.com.  The optimizer allows you to enter players names, and see their projected point totals everyday. This membership costs $20 per month or $80 for the entire season.