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"It's Called Basketball, Not Basket Strategy" 


Established in 2015, BasketStrategy was created late one night while watching Inside the NBA on TNT - Crazy Right?!  The hilarious duo of Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal were in a heated debate about analytics and strategies, and their place in the game of basketball.  The term "Basketball Strategy" was being tossed around and it got shortened to "Basket Strategy" - and it stuck.  At BasketStrategy we are all former College Basketball players, and managers who know and love the game.  We understand the importance and role of analytics and strategies on the court.


We specialize in Fantasy Basketball for both College and NBA.  We test our picks and strategies every night for real money!  We pride ourselves on providing our subscribers with the best and most advanced Fantasy Basketball knowledge. Use our projection tools to help boost your daily point totals!  Take your Fantasy Game from playground to the pros with BasketStrategy today!!