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Established in 2016, MySchool is the future of the College Application process.  It combines all aspects of applying to College into one user friendly location.  

How MySchool Was Founded

I was the first child in my family to apply to college.  I remember spending hours in my counsellors office, asking questions, and surfing the web.  I was afraid, not only of the daunting application process, but also of how each school I was interested in would fit me.

The worst part of the application process was having to go to multiple websites to build a perception of a certain school.  You would go to the schools website, college board, a third party application site,  and eventually an accepted students social media page.  With all of these steps in the process, applying for college is not only confusing, but also daunting for the students from families who have never had to endure the process.  What if all the steps were in one user friendly location?

My school is an advanced comprehensive website that will make the college application process much less stressful for college bound high student and their families. My school will have access to all sorts of information that will help the student pick the college that fits them academically, socially, economically, and personally.

With MySchool you will not have to use multiple websites such as, (College Board, The Common App, Etc.) to find the little information you will receive from them about the colleges you will be applying to. Instead we will form it all into one website that will have a wider range of information that you will want to know about these certain colleges when applying to them.

MySchool will not only be the most proficient college application website but it will also be easily operated for those who are not very good with technology. The process will be straight forward and simple unlike the other websites that are used today.

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